My Microsoft feedback portal entries

Feedback is very important for Microsoft. There is a official Microsoft Feedback Portal, where everyone can suggest new features. You can also vote for existent feature requests. This feedback is monitored directly by the product teams and they reply to (high voted) feature requests.

There are a few feature request, that are very important in my point of view – please support them.

Ability to Disable Public TeamsIn most companies there a not many reasons for public teams. Some users create them unintentional. We want the ability to disable the creation of public teams (or restrict it to a group of users)
I’m unable to delete folders on a site with retention policy appliedIf you put a retention policy to a SharePoint Site (or a OneDrive), Users are not able to delete non empty folders (and Lists). The users can delete files and empty folders, but not non empty folders….
“ User request flows for blocked apps“ (Feature ID: 84469) is not useful!Users see all apps in their team app store. They can request access to apps, that are blocked. The process for this request is not very useful, because admins do not get any notification about this request and they see not, who made the request.